Nature's Shield - Natural Bug Repellent

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Now you and your family can head outside without first dousing yourselves in manufactured pesticides. Take advantage of what nature offers – plants, flowers, and trees have evolved to protect themselves from pests by producing clever combinations of natural compounds to deter, repel, and generally tick-off predatory insects. We employ these natural compounds the same way plants do … to keep you bug-free and comfortable while out-of-doors.

In this effective blend, we’ve harnessed nature’s advantage with the most powerful essential oils that work against pesky bugs and bites. Rely on the sweet and assertive power of pure Citronella, the tough effect of natural Cedarwood, the boldness of Basil and the surprising grit of sweet Geranium. This effective combination of pure and natural essential oils keeps insects at bay and your family comfortable and protected in any open-air environment.

This sweet blend works at a molecular level to deter all sorts of outdoor pests … without the use of the synthetic pesticides commonly offered in manufactured insect deterrent products. Keep away mosquitoes, flies, ticks, chiggers and other problem insects with the power of essential oils, and enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of this sweet essential oil scent at the same time.

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